Our patients and their testimonials about vein care and treatment with us

“The staff is EXCELLENT! They are very pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Wright performs his magic with no pain and very, very little discomfort. Procedure follow-up visits required by Medicare are quick and painless. I enjoy my visits to their office and am happy with the results. I recommend them to all my friends and family.”

Kathleen W

“Very organized and professional. I was always seen on my appt times with very little wait time. The front office staff are very professional and assisted kindly with getting me in for late appt’s Thursdays which was very beneficial for working full time. My treatment of my varicose veins exceeded my expectations!”

Heidi M

“Dr. Wright has done several procedures for me with terrific results each time. I am very happy with the vein work he is doing. His staff is well atuned to the patient giving information, care and assistance to Dr.Wright.”

Lani B

“This group of medical care professionals are absolutely the best! They are so caring and Dr Wright is the sweetest guy. They all take such good care of you. He takes time to listen to you and explain what he will being doing, depending on what procedure you are having done. So if you have been searching for a doctor and just do not know who to go to, look no further, Dr. Wright is it. 100% satisfaction!! Thanks Dr Wright. You’re the best!”

Jan D

“I was very pleased with the service. All of the people are very friendly. I would recommend the Center to my family and friends. The cost is affordable for the expert services offered.”

C. Schoenholtz

Dr. Wright is great! He is very caring of his patients, you can tell he likes his job and is very good at it. The staff is exceptional, everyone was professional and a delight to deal with. Thanks for everything, I no longer have leg pain or large raised veins visible.”

Andrea E.

“My expectations of the surgery were met very well, and considering I didn’t know what to expect, the outcome exceeded my expectations. I’m not nearly as tired as I was when I started the first treatment, the fatigue in my legs is gone. Dr. Wright is a very good doctor. He is very thorough in explaining what is going on throughout each step of treatment. He has a very good and entertaining personality! The staff was very helpful and explained what was going on at all times. I would definitely recommend this procedure to a friend! In fact, I have suggested Dr. Wright to my sisters.”

“Additional comment? Very friendly doctor and staff.”

Lillie L.

“Good! EVLT worked! Varicose veins are no longer visible and my legs no longer have swelling. Dr. Wright is professional but fun! Would recommend! The staff was great! Randy is great! All questions were answered and benefits explained so that the average person could understand!”

Amy O.

“My expectations were to be able to quit wearing support hose to work, which I’ve been doing for 30 years, and to relieve the aching and fatigue in my legs. Dr. Wright and his staff FAR exceeded my expectations, I was especially happy that the treatment only lasted about 45 minutes with no loss of time from work.”

“The quality of the services received from Dr. Wright were above the norm, he seems to really care about his patients and tries to make them feel relaxed and comfortable during treatments. He answers all questions in a way that is easy to understand. The staff is very caring and does a great job with follow up visits, helping to organize and remind you about each one and take the time to explain what’s going on.”

“I would absolutely recommend this procedure to a friend, this has been a life changing procedure for me!”

Barta G.

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“My expectations were very well met; my left leg is beginning to heal and there is very little pain when standing. Dr. Wright has an exceptional personality that makes the patient feel comfortable, and the staff was very helpful and supportive.”Vicky

“I expected to have the pain in my leg removed by the EVLT procedure and it was! I currently have no pain! Everyone here is excellent. I have already recommended this procedure to friends.”

Phyllis C

“I give them a +10, everything so far has been wonderful and I can’t wait to come back in 6 months. I have no more pain. Dr. Wright explained everything thoroughly and the team was extremely supportive and calmed my fears. When it came time for the needles, Randy and Nicole were awesome with their humor to keep mind my elsewhere.”Lisa S.

“I have less leg cramps, less throbbing and, I sleep better. Dr. Wright is very gentle and caring. He is concerned about comfort of his patients and gives an easy feeling. The staff is friendly and always called to remind me of my upcoming appointments and help anyway they can. I have already recommended this procedure to a friend.”

Mary S.

“My expectations were very low because I’ve had vein procedures done in the past and was not expecting great results. Now, my legs are feeling really good. It is nice not to have purple ankles that itched all the time. OMG! The support is so friendly and very knowledgeable, and that made my comfort level more than any patient could ask for. And for Dr. Wright, he is all business when necessary but what fun I had coming in for each visit.”

Barb F.

“Dr. Wright and his staff are excellent, helpful, and supportive. I am getting my veins treated and taken care of. I am still healing but everything is going good.”

Janet L.

“My expectations were to get relief from fatigue and have the valve leaking repaired and I was very satisfied that my expectations were met. Now I have much less fatigue and noticeable improvement in appearance. Dr. Wright and his staff are excellent, very supportive, knowledgeable, and courteous.”

Sharon R.

“At first I came in to see about a cosmetic procedure, and turns out that I actually needed to have a procedure done to better my health and still get the cosmetic treatment. Healthwise my expectations were met, I am still waiting to get the cosmectic treatment done. Dr. Wright and his staff are excellent and are very informative on the whole procedure as well as the many more questions I had for them. This is a great group.”

Kim K.

“After having the EVLT procedure I have no pain now, even after being on my feet for long periods of time during the day. The procedure was performed without any complications and was painless. Dr. Wright shows concern for his patients and takes time to answer questions. The staff that I encountered were very friendly. They explained step by step what was being done and what I could expect. I am very impressed with the staffs knowledge and courtesy and Dr. Wright’s expertise in performing the procedure.”


“My expectations were met 100% here at the St Louis Laser Vein Center. The staff were very helpful and supportive, and I definitely recommend coming here for your leg pain and vein problems.”

Janet R.

“Thanks to Dr. Wright, I have no symptoms of pain. I can stand for long periods and awaken without any pain. Dr. Wright was wonderful and his staff for me is very knowledgeable and professional.”

Shari M.

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